03.08 / 24.08 2013
Fast form & hreyfanleiki
Richard ASHROWAN  / Pat LAW

Richard Ashrowan (Scotland) shows a series of moving image projections, including the world premiere of ‘Speculum’, a seven part film exploring the relationships between alchemy, movement, light and matter. For the opening event, he presented ‘Catoptrica’, a multi-projector performance. Based on footage shot within Iceland and Svalbard, the performance involves ritualistic manipulations of light, using mirrors, glass vessels and live video feedback. A new b/w 16mm work from his recent expedition to Svalbard in the High Arctic will also be premiered, with a specially commissioned soundtrack by the sound artist Nick Kuepfer (Canada).
Richard Ashrowan: www.ashrowan.com | Nick Kuepfer: cstrecords.com/nickkuepfer

Pat Law (Scotland) showed new work from the same recent Arctic voyage. In a site specific installation for Verksmidjan which included moving image and salt drawings, the work explores both the temporal and otherworldly elements of disused and abandoned structures of Svalbard, the grit that built them and the spirit that ties them together. In parallel with the visual work, the exhibition opening included a joint performance of Scottish and Icelandic voice by Kirsty Law and Arna Valsdóttir.
Pat Law: studiolog.heriot-toun.co.uk | Kirsty Law: www.kirstylaw.com | Arna Valsdóttir: www.arnavals.net
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